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Nandishwarsteel is an exporter, dealer, and manufacturer of Stainless Steel 347-347H Sheets Plates in India. They provide high-quality stainless steel sheets and plates at affordable rates. These sheets and plates are available in a wide range of customized size, shapes, thickness and dimensions. These grades of stainless steel are useful in a harsh environment under tough conditions. We manufacture this sheet and plate by using the advanced technology under the supervision of our skilled worker team.

• High corrosion resistance and Heat resistance
• High strength and it is no-magnetizable in nature
• Sturdy design and superior construction
• Dimensionally accurate and precise design

• Form: Plain Sheet, Shim Sheet, Perforated Sheet, Chequered Plate, Strip, Ring (Flange) etc
• Surface finish: 2B, 2D, BA, NO.1, NO.4, NO.8, 8K, mirror, checkered, embossed, hairline, sandblast, Brush, etching, etc

Packing and documentation reports detail-
The Stainless Steel 347-347H Sheets Plates is taken under quality measurement test. Before supplying the product, the company ensures its safe packaging like wooden case or pallets is used to avoid damage or rust during shipment.
• Flaring and flattering test report
• Micro and macro test report
• Intergranular corrosion test report
• Positive material identification test report
• Mechanical testing reports
• Chemical analysis report etc

Purchase good quality of Stainless Steel 347-347H Sheets Plates from us at market leading prices. You can also place an order in bulk from NandishwarSteel.

We also supply make of SAIL / ESSAR / JINDAL / TATA / BHUSHAN/ INDIAN / IMPORTED etc material.

How to maintain a 347 stainless steel sheet?

Maintaining a 347 stainless steel sheet requires care and attention to detail. To keep it rust-free, regularly inspect the sheet for signs of corrosion and oxidation. If rust spots are present, use an industrial-grade cleaning product to remove any corrosion as soon as possible. To prevent water spots or staining, periodically rinse the sheet with warm water and dry it with a clean, soft cloth. Additionally, always avoid using abrasive materials or harsh chemicals when cleaning the sheet, which may cause permanent damage to the surface. Finally, regularly apply a protective coating onto the sheet's surface to fortify it against environmental elements like dirt and dust while extending its lifespan. These simple steps will help ensure your 347 stainless steel sheet is in pristine condition for years to come.

How to Cut 347 stainless steel plate?

Cutting a 347 stainless steel plate can pose a challenge due to its strength and durability. With the right tools, however, it is possible to successfully cut this metal without damaging its material integrity and structure. The best way to cut through the metal is to use an abrasive saw blade with teeth made specifically for cutting stainless steel, as they are durable enough not to warp or alter the shape of the metal. It is also highly recommended that you provide additional support underneath the sheeting and use clamps/clips for it to remain firmly in place during the process of cutting. Finally, move the saw at a moderate speed to ensure a clean cut and reduce any heat buildup that could weaken the plate's edges. Doing all these steps will ensure that your 347 stainless steel plate looks great when you're finished cutting down!

Sr. No.
Size (in mm) Thickness
1 1000 x 2000 
1220 x 2440 
(4' x 8')
1250 x 2500 
1500 x 3000 To 6000 
2000 x 4000 To 6000
0.3 mm To 120 mm A - 240 Jindal
Shah Alloys 
Imported Etc.


Standards Designation
ASTM A 240

SS 347 S34700 1.4550
SS 347H S34709 1.4961


Key Properties
The key properties of Stainless Steel-Grade 347 Sheets & Plates  are tabulated below.
Electrical Properties
Electrical resistivity ( µ ) 70-73
Mechanical Properties
Elongation at break ( % ) <60
Hardness - Brinell 160-190
Izod impact strength ( J.m-1 ) 20-136
Modulus of elasticity ( GPa ) 190-210
Tensile strength ( MPa ) 520-1100
Physical Properties
Density ( ) 7.93
Melting point (°C ) 1400-1425
Thermal Properties
Coefficient of thermal expansion ( x10-6 K-1 ) 16-18 @ 20-100°C
Maximum use temperature in air ( °C )


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