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An increasing demand for various critical engineering applications Nandishwar steel is providing a wide array of Copper Products. The offered range of product is included copper pipe fittings, copper sheets, copper rods, copper plates, and copper rods. All these products are widely used in numbers of mechanical as well as engineering applications. However, in a well-equipped industry the production of copper products is done using the latest technology and modern tools and equipment. Also for perfectly designing the product raw material standard quality is well considered. The product is supplied to buyers at competitive rates.

The copper products are created by using excellent quality of the alloy it is resulting in offering various good attributes.
• Long lasting
• Durability
• Sturdiness
• Rugged construction
• Greater tensile strength
• Good dimensional accuracy
• Excellency in surface finishes
• Resistance to corrosion

The documentation provided to buyers are including-
• Commercial invoice
• Heat treatment chart
• Fumigation certification
• Quality assurance plan
• Raw material test report
• Material traceability report
• Packaging list

Tests conducted-
To assure high quality of product supplying few tests are conducted including-
• Flattening/flattening test
• PMI/IGC test
• Hardness test
• Macro/micro test
• Mechanical/chemical test
• Pitting resistance test

Packaging is done-
Always industry is using standard product packaging technique to safer shipping. It includes-
• Wooden crates/pallets/boxes
• Carton boxes
• Shrink-wrapped

So make a list as per the copper products requirements along with specifications so you get delivered exactly as per your needs.

What are 3 common uses for copper sheets in industries?

Copper sheets have become an essential industrial material due to their inherent properties, such as high strength and malleability. As a result, copper sheets are commonly used in various industrial applications. For example, copper can be anodized to create corrosion-resistant electrostatic capacitors useful in consumer products. In contrast, copper’s antimicrobial properties make it a prime choice for roofing and paneling in manufacturing plants. Finally, copper’s thermal conductivity makes it ideal for fabricating radiators and heat exchangers in mechanical equipment and electronics. All these uses combined make copper one of the most important materials in modern industrial production.

How to solder copper pipe?

Soldering copper pipes can be useful, allowing you to repair and securely join copper pipes and valves. With the right tools, soldering copper is a relatively straightforward process. Firstly, clean the pipe joints with an abrasive cloth, then use flux paste to ensure the copper is clean and help the solder flow through better. Next, heat your soldering iron before applying it to the copper where you want to place the solder. Next, feed in the solder along the sides where you’re applying heat until the joint has a shiny coating around it and liquid solder is visible underneath. The copper pipe joints should now be connected. Be sure to take necessary safety precautions when working with copper and an open flame, being mindful of both yourself and others in your space.

Mechanical Properties of oxygen-free copper (UNS C10100)
 Tensile strength [MPa]  234
 Yield stress [MPa]  69
 Rockwell hardness  45
 Shear strength[MPa]  159
 Elogation [%]  45


Chemical Composition of oxygen-free copper (UNS C10100)
Element Composition [wt-%]
Cu 99,94
Sn 0,003
P 0,005
Fe 0,019
P 0,019
Sb 0,001
Bi 0,0001
As 0,001
Ni 0,001


Physical Properties of oxygen-free copper (UNS C10100)
Element Composition [wt-%]
Density [g/cm3] 8
Thermal conductivity at 20 C [W/m · K] 94 339
Electrical Conductivity MS/cm] 2 0
Thermal expansion at 20 C [10-6/C] 497 17
Young`s modulus [MPa] 1 117000
Kirchhoff`s modulus [MPa] 44130


Chemical Composition of Copper

Material Normal Composition   Nearest Relevant Composition Specification  
     BS:2870  ISO  JIS
 Electrolytic Tough Pitch H.C. Copper  99.92% Min. Cu  C 101  Cu ETP 1337  H 3100 C  2100
 Phosphorous Deoxidized Copper (DONA)  99.90% Min. Cu P.0.0134-0.05  C 106  Cu DHP 1337  H 3100 C  122



Material Tensile temper strength elongation N/mm% on 50 mm   Vickers Hardness Complies with or falls within ISO JIS
   'O'  210 Min 35 Min  55 Max    
 Electrolytic Tough  M  210 Min 35 Min  65 Min Cu ETP   H 3100
Pitch H.C. Copper  ½H  240 Min 10 Min  70 to 95 ISO : 1337   C 1100
   H  290 Min  90 Min    
  'O'  210 Min 35 Min  55 Max    
Phosphorous M  210 Min 35 Min  65 Min Cu DHP H 3100
Deoxidised Copper ½H  240 Min 10 Min  70 to 95 ISO : 1337 C 1220
   H  290 Min  90 Min    


'O' : Annealed Condition
M : 1/4 Hard
1/2 : Half Hard
H : Full Hard
* : Electrical conductivity at 20°. Cel(% IACS) - 100-101 (For Cu ETP 'O' temper)
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Copper Sheets

copper sheets

Copper sheets are thin plates made from copper alloys used for many applications, such as roofing, building construction, automotive parts and components, and household items. They come in various thicknesses and sizes ranging from 0.3mm up to 6.0mm in thickness and up to 1524 mm (60") wide. Copper sheets can also be cut into any size required for the application.

Copper Rods

copper rods

Copper rods are cylindrical bars made from copper alloys, typically used in construction, manufacturing, electrical wiring and plumbing. Copper rods come in various sizes and lengths ranging from 6mm diameter to 100mm diameter and up to 12m (39ft). Different alloys of copper can also be ordered to meet specific requirements for the application.

Copper Plates

copper plates

Copper plates are flat pieces of copper alloy metal available in an extensive range of sizes and thicknesses. The most common applications include electrical grounding, building construction, architectural aesthetics, and industrial equipment. Copper plates range from 0.3mm up to 6.0mm thick and can be custom cut to any size depending on the application requirements.

Copper Pipe

copper pipe

Copper pipes are hollow tubes made from copper alloy metal, & they are available in a range of sizes and thicknesses. Copper pipes are commonly used in plumbing applications but can also be used for various industrial applications such as the transportation of liquids, heat transfer systems, etc. Depending on the application, copper pipes range from 6mm to 355mm in diameter and 0.3mm up to 7.1mm in thickness.

Copper Pipe Fitting

copper pipe fittings

Copper pipe fittings are connectors that join two or more copper pipes together. They come in all sizes and shapes, such as elbow joints, tees, unions, couplings and flanges, and they are available in various threading options. Copper pipe fittings are easy to install and have relatively low installation costs compared to other pipe materials.

Other grades of Copper

Copper Sheets
Copper Rods
Copper Plates
Copper Pipe
Copper Pipe Fitting


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