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Inconel 625 Fasteners


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Inconel 625 Fasteners
Nandishwar Steel is an ISO certified company, highly appreciated manufacturer of Inconel grade fasteners in a variety of dimensions, sizes, standards, specifications, shapes, and designation. We have the largest amalgamation of allocating unit offering product to domestic or international customers. Our offered range of products meets and exceeds the customer requirements with 100% satisfaction. Inconel 625 Fasteners are one of the product ideals for different engineering and industrial applications. These are supplied by us in the most reasonable rates also customers can avail discounts while purchasing them from our online stores.

Inconel 625 Fasteners are processed by the trending industrial machines to get the desired dimensions and finish. Moreover, the manufactured range of fasteners is processed from metal finishing process to acquire precise dimensions. These are also coated with industrial coats for extra protection of the untreated area.

Inconel 625 Fasteners is completely austenitic in nature possess excellent corrosion resistance towards a number of cyclic corrosive media. These are a cost-saving option for demanding and critical applications. These fasteners are suitable for hoisted temperature application. These are available in both tempered and quenched state. Inconel fasteners can be exposed to sulfuric acids, nitric, and phosphoric acid as well as for chlorides.

These fasteners are the ideal option for stress corrosion cracking environments. These fasteners can be exposed in the pitting and crevice corrosion cracking environments. These fasteners offered with good tolerance limit and machining allowance.

Inconel alloy has enhanced abrasion resistance even at hoisted temperatures. These fasteners present good machinability and formability even at reducing environments. These fasteners are filled with weldability features ideal for engineering applications.

The manufactured range of Inconel 625 Fasteners is passed from certainty tests for quality examination. This ensures the reliability of products in reducing environments. The tests include flaring test, hardness test, positive material test, macro test, pitting corrosion test and destructive tests.

Other tests are the mechanical test, micro test, tensile test, intergranular corrosion test, ultrasonic test, radiographic test, and other material tests. We deliver these fasteners in the standard packing of wooden boxes, crates, cartons and pallets that prevents rusting and damages while exporting.

What are Inconel 625 fasteners used for?

Inconel 625 is a nickel-based alloy that is known for its high strength, excellent corrosion resistance, and ability to withstand extreme temperatures. Inconel 625 fasteners are used in a wide range of applications where these properties are critical. They are commonly used in the chemical processing industry, where they are used in the construction of reactors, valves, and other equipment that is exposed to corrosive chemicals and high temperatures. Inconel 625 fasteners are also used in the aerospace industry. They are used to construct aircraft engines, gas turbines, and other components that must operate at high temperatures and withstand corrosive environments.

What is the density of inconel 625 fasteners?

Inconel 625 fasteners are super-strong stainless steel used in the aerospace industry for over 30 years. The density of Inconel 625 fasteners is about 7.9 g/cm3. They have excellent corrosion resistance and can be used with a wide range of materials, including carbon steel, titanium, and aluminum. Inconel 625 fasteners have a high strength-to-weight ratio, making them ideal for applications requiring lightweight. They are also very resistant to fatigue and stress cracking, which makes them suitable for applications where fatigue might be an issue.


Standard : DIN, ASTM, BS and all International Standards

Size : 3 mm to 200 mm

Bolt / Screw Size : M3 - M56 | 3/6" to 2" | Custom Sizes

Nuts Size : M3 - M56 | 3/6" to 2" | Custom Sizes

Washers Size : M1 - M64 | #4 to 3" | Custom Sizes

Length : M02 to M33

Types : Nuts, Bolts, Screws, Sockets, Studs, Screw, Hex Set Screw, Socket Screw, Cap Screw, Pan Head Screw, Machine Screw, Socket Head Cap Screw, Allen Cap screw, Wing Screw, Washers, Spring Washers, Studs, Anchors, Marine Anchors, Nut, Hexagon Nut, Hex Nut, Hex Coupling Nut, Hex Domed Cap Nuts, Square Nut, Stud Bolts, Hex Head Bolts, Socket Hexagon Head Screw Anchor Bolt, U-Bolts, J Bolts, Mushroom Head Square Neck Bolts, T-Head Bolts, Wing Screw, Eye Bolt, Foundation Bolts, Structural Bolts.

Inconel 625 Fasteners Equivalent Grades

Inconel 625 2.4856 N06625 NCF 625 NA 21 ХН75МБТЮ NC22DNB4M NiCr22Mo9Nb

Alloy 625 Fastener Chemical Composition

Grade C Mn Si S Cu Fe Ni Cr
Inconel 625 0.10 max 0.50 max 0.50 max 0.015 max - 5.0 max 58.0 min 20.0 - 23.0

Inconel 625 Properties For Fasteners

Element Density Melting Point Tensile Strength Yield Strength (0.2%Offset) Elongation
Inconel 625 8.4 g/cm3 1350 °C (2460 °F) Psi – 1,35,000 , MPa – 930 Psi – 75,000 , MPa – 705 42.5 %

Inconel 625 Price Of Fasteners

Inconel Alloy 625 Fasteners Price List Price Per Pcs.
Inconel 625 Socket Head Cap Screw price USD $3.35
Inconel Alloy 625 Screws price USD $3.55
Inconel Alloy UNS N06625 Nuts price USD $1.55
Inconel Alloy 625 Hex Bolt price USD $6.25
Inconel 625 Machine bolt price USD $5.50
Inconel Alloy 625 Allen bolt price USD $5.25

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