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Duplex Steel UNS S31803 Round Bars

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Nandishwar Steel owned a position of leading exporter and manufacturer of Duplex Steel UNS S31803 Bars amongst our clienteles. Duplex Steel UNS S31803 Rods has high Strength, outstanding weldability and workability. It has good sulphide stress corrosion resistance. Duplex stainless steels are considered resistant to stress corrosion cracking, as they are not as resistant to this form of attack as ferritic stainless steels. They are used in effluent scrubbing systems, marine and other high chloride environments. Cooling rate should be high in order to shorten the time exposing at temperature range which may cause the brittleness by 475 Degree C brittlement. Features of this product include: Long service life, Excellent performance, Low maintenance, and more. We also offer these products in custom-made specifications.

What is UNS S31803 material?

UNS S31803 material is a type of ferritic-austenitic stainless steel, also known as duplex steel. It has a balanced chemical composition which gives it excellent mechanical strength and corrosion resistance in many environments. Often used for both structural components and pressure vessels, this alloy combines the best properties of both austenitic and ferritic stainless steels. It is highly tolerant of stress and subject to very low rates of corrosion, making it attractive for a variety of uses in diverse industries. Ideal for applications with heavy loads or exposure to heat, UNS S31803 material may also be employed where aesthetic appeal is desired due to its wide range of available finishes. Its versatility makes UNS S31803 a valuable choice when considering materials for any project requiring long-term durability.

What are the advantages of using UNS S31803 round bar?

UNS S31803 round bars are advantageous for many types of applications due to their excellent corrosion resistance, durability, and strength. This grade of stainless steel is particularly useful in harsh environments because it resists pitting and chloride stress corrosion cracking. Additionally, it exhibits greater toughness than most other grades of stainless steel at both elevated and sub-zero temperatures. The high tensile strength of UNS S31803 means that parts milled from the material can last longer without becoming deformed or broken under normal operating conditions. Furthermore, since the material is non-magnetic, machines using these bars do not require additional shielding for electromagnetic interference. These advantages make the UNS S31803 round bar a popular choice for industrial applications where longevity and performance are paramount.


Standards : EN, DIN, JIS, ASTM, BS, ASME, AISI

Size : 10 mm To 100 mm Dia in

Length : 100 mm TO 6000 mm Length.

Specifications : ASTM A276, A479 / ASME SA276, SA479, ASTM A789 / A789M & ASTM A928 / A928M

Form : Round, Square, Hex (A/F), Rectangle, Wire (Coil Form), Wire-mesh, Billet, Ingot, Forging Etc.

Finish : Bright, Polish & Black

Duplex Steel UNS S31803 Round Bars Equivalent Grades

Duplex 2205 S31803 1.4462


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Duplex Steel UNS S31803 Round Bars
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