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Titanium Gr 2 / Gr 5 Round Bars

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We owned a position of prominent supplier and manufacturer of Titanium Gr 2 Round Bars & Titanium Gr 5 Round Bars amongst our clienteles. The cold work characteristics of Titanium Gr 2 Rods are similar to that of a moderately tempered austenitic stainless steel. A mixture of argon and helium is typically preferred here but should be proven before accepting a procedure. Practical applications of Titanium Gr 5 Rods have evolved over time such as shipbuilding: in submarines, ship’s propellers, shafts, rigging, and other highly corrosive parts. After aging at 975 Degree F to 1025 Degree F (524 Degree C to 552 Degree C), the typical yield potency is 150,000 psi and typical rigidity is 360 BHN. Nandishwar Steel also offers these products in custom-made specifications.

What is the difference between Grade 2 and Grade 5 titanium round bar?

Grade 2 titanium round bar has a low strength to weight ratio and is fairly ductile. It is most commonly used in medical implants and exhaust systems due to its corrosion resistance. Grade 5 titanium round bar, on the other hand, has a higher strength to weight ratio compared to Grade 2. It is also less susceptible to corrosion and fatigue than other grade types. It is an ideal choice for parts subject to constant stress, such as aircraft wings or automotive transmission components. Both grades of titanium have excellent overall durability, making them an excellent choice for many engineering purposes.

How strong is grade 5 titanium bar?

Grade 5 titanium bar is one of the strongest materials available, renowned for its superior performance to other metals and alloys. It is primarily used in a variety of structures where a high strength-to-weight ratio, corrosion resistance, and low thermal expansion are required. Due to its combination of strength and other beneficial properties, it is often employed in aerospace applications such as aircraft and rotorcraft, deep sea technology, and medical implants, among many others. Furthermore, it can be heat treated or cold worked, allowing great versatility and customization in this material's properties. All in all, the grade 5 titanium bar is most certainly one of the strongest materials available today.


Standards : EN, DIN, JIS, ASTM, BS, ASME, AISI

Size : 8mm - 200mm

Length : Random, Fix & Cut Length

Specifications : ASTM B348 / ASME B348, ASTM B 863 / ASME SB 863.

Form : Round, Square, Hex (A/F), Rectangle, Wire (Coil Form), Wire-mesh, Billet, Ingot, Forging Etc.

Finish : Bright, Polish & Black

Titanium Gr 2 / Gr 5 Round Bars Equivalent Grades

Titanium Gr2 R50400 3.7035
Titanium Gr5 N56400 3.7165


titanium grade 5 properties for round bar

Titanium Gr 5 C Ti N Fe H O V Al
0.10 max 90 min 0.05 max 0.40 max 0.015 max 0.20 max 3.5-4.5 5.5-6.75 max


grade 5 titanium price for round bar

Titanium Grade 5 Price Origin Price in INR
(per kg)
Price in USD
(per kg)
Price in Euro
(per kg)
Ti 6al 4v Grade 5 Price in India Indian Rs 2000/- $30 €24
Ti 6 4 Grade 5 Price in Japan Japanese Rs 2800/- $40 €35
Ti 6ai 4v Grade 5 Price in UK / Europe European Rs 3100/- $45 €39
Ti-6al-4v Eli Grade 5 Price in USA USA Rs 3400/- $50 €43


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