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We design Stainless Steel 321-321H Flats according to national and international standards. These flats are made for the long-lasting feature and can easily fit into any length without getting into trouble. These flats are accessible in different sizes and shapes and we also offer custom- made dimensions. Stainless steel 321 / 321H flats are generally austenitic in natures that provide a good corrosion resistant to various media as compared to other grades. We can cut in rectangular, square and other forms as per customer needs. These flats are widely used in various industrial and engineering applications.

• High tensile strength
• Corrosion resistant
• Precise design
• Dimensionally perfect
• Superior finish

321 stainless steel specification of flat bars-
• Standard: ASTM/ ASME , SS 321/ SS 321H, UNS 32100/ UNS S32109
• Thickness: 0.3mm to 120mm

• 1000mm x 2000mm
• 1220mmx2440mm
• 1250mm x 2500mm
• 1500mm to 3000 to 6000mm
• 2000mm x 4000mm to 6000mm
• Hardness: provided as ASME & NACE MR175
• Surface finish: HR, CR, 2B, 2D, BA, and SATIN (met with plastic coat)

In order to deliver product in terms of best quality and services, these flats are undergoes to quality measurement test to check end product quality.
• Mechanical testing
• Chemical analysis
• Hardness test
• Radiography test
• Ultrasonic test and more

To prevent the stainless steel flats from damaging or rusting we use proper packing method. This will include:
• Wooden case or box
• Plywood box or pallets Or as per client demand

You can feel free to contact at NandishwarSteel to buy best quality stainless steel flats. We offer a wide range of Stainless Steel 321-321H Flats in cost-effective rates.

How To Bend 321h stainless steel flats?

Bending 321H stainless steel flats can be challenging, but with exacting process planning and the right tooling, it is doable! When working on bending these types of steel flats, it is important to consider the minimum degree that must be applied when bending. It is also crucial to select the appropriate tooling for optimal results. Proper material selection for flat stock and tooling contributes directly to results that exceed expectations, as does patience in clocking your set-up time. By following these steps keenly, one will have reliable results while successfully bending 321H stainless steel flats with minimal effort.

What are the available sizes of the grade 321 ss flat bar?

Grade 321 SS flat bars come in various sizes to suit any application. They range from 3/8" thick and 1-1/4" wide to bars measuring 4" thick and over 10" wide. As grade 321 is an austenitic alloy, it can be used in many high-temperature services, making these bars ideal for structures used in the aerospace and shipbuilding industries, as well as processing applications such as heat exchangers and food handling equipment. They are strong and resistant to corrosion and possess excellent weldability, meaning they can also be used in oil refineries and chemical plants. With their strength and versatility, grade 321 stainless steel flat bars offer many advantages at almost any size needed.

Sr. No. Material Size Thickness Specification
1 Stainless Steel 1000 mm x 2000 mm
1220 mm x 2440 mm (4' x 8')
1250 mm x 2500 mm
1500 mm x 3000 To 6000 mm
2000 mm x 4000 To 6000 mm
0.3 mm To 120 mm A - 240


SS 321 S32100 1.4541
SS 321H S32109 1.4878

321 stainless steel chemical composition of flat bars

0.08 2.0 0.045 0.03 1.0 17.0 – 19.0 9.0 – 12.0 0.5 0.5 Ti 5xC Min. NM



Railway parts, Hand tools, Ordinance factories, Agricultural & farm parts, Engg. Industries, Auto components (fourwheeler, twowheeler & commercial vehicles) etc.


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