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stainless steel 317 circle

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Stainless Steel DIN 1.4449 / 1.4438 Circles Supplier

In the manufacturing industry, Stainless Steel 317 / 317L Circles are produced by using good quality of the alloy that is sourced from reliable market vendors. The production of SS circles is strictly done under the supervision of professional and expert team that is holding good years of experience in the same field. The producers guarantee that offered range of product is manufactured by using advanced technology and all essential modern equipment. Just because of quality in it, circles are found to be used widely in various industries. The circles are available in various specifications, grades, dimensions etc as per the demand made by buyers. They in the market are available at affordable rates.

Among the large numbers of industrialist Stainless steel 317 / 317L circles is praised because of various good qualities like-
• Long lasting
• Durability
• Sturdiness
• High tensile strength
• Corrosion resistance
• Stress corrosion cracking and crevice corrosion resistance
• Good dimensional accuracy
• Excellent surface finishes

Tests conducted-
For the assurance high quality of production, several tests are conducted like-
• Hardness test
• Flattening/flaring test
• Macro/micro test
• Chemical/mechanical test
• Pitting resistance test
• Radiography/hydrostatic test
• PMI/IGC test

Documents offered-
The industry on buyer’s request is providing few essential documents like-
• Heat treatment chart
• Quality assurance plan
• Raw material test report
• Material traceability report
• Commercial invoice
• Fumigation certification
• Certification of origin

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Can ss circle be recycled and reused?

Yes, stainless steel circles can be recycled and reused. Stainless steel is one of the most recyclable materials, with an estimated recycling rate of over 60%. The recyclability of stainless steel is due to its ability to retain its properties even after repeated melting and reforming. This means that stainless steel circles can be melted down and reused multiple times without sacrificing their strength, durability, or other properties. Recycling stainless steel also conserves natural resources and reduces energy consumption, making it an environmentally responsible choice.

Stainless Steel 317 / 317L
1 Mm To 100 Mm
Upto 2000 Mm
Plazma & Machined Cut


SS 317 S31700 1.4449
SS 317L S31703 1.4438

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With Tc

  • High quality and low cost
  • Global supplier of these circles
  • Available in various specifications.


Applications :

Oil and Gas industries Pharmacy industries
Textile industries Water Piping Systems
Acid and Chemical industries Beverage industries
Refinery Plants Automobile industries
Cement industries Food industries
Paper and Pulp industries


Other grades of Stainless Steel 317 / 317L Circles

Stainless Steel 317 Circles
Stainless Steel 317L Circles
SS 317 Circles
SS 317L Circles
Stainless Steel 317 UNS S31700 Circles
SS 317L UNS S31703 Circles
Stainless Steel 317 Din 1.4449 Circles
SS 317L Din 1.4438 Circles


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