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Cupro Nickel 70/30 Fasteners
Nandishwar Steel is a well-known industry for the leading Cupro Nickel 70/30 Fasteners manufacturing, exporting and trading. Our all range of manufactured products in highly in demand due to its various features such as easy to use, easy installation, high durability and resistivity. We are experts in the manufacturing of the fasteners in different dimensions, specifications, standards and also in the altered dimensions. Only use pure and tested raw materials for processing, even though we purchase raw materials from certified vendors only.

The processing of fasteners is done under the high tech machines with the supervision of technical experts. This reduces any chance of low-quality production. The experts follow international standard norms to meet the exact demands made by the customers. Our customers prefer these fasteners for engineering fastening applications.

These fasteners replace those heavy and bulky fasteners while offering the same service. Moreover, these are the most cost-saving option than comparing to standard grade fasteners.

Cupro Nickel 70/30 is a blend of 70 % copper and 30% nickel content. This grade is known for its promising features such as exceptional resistance to corrosion, erosion and pitting corrosion cracking.

Copper Nickel 70-30 Fasteners have great strength; workability and weldability make it readily weldable or machinable with all conventional operations. These are utilized in the saltwater applications where the abrasion and reduction are encountered. We manufacture these fasteners under the special consideration of design codes. The copper and nickel base alloy is known for its service in the chemical reduction applications.

Testing of Cupro Nickel 70/30 Fasteners:
The tests are performed to evaluate the quality of manufactured fasteners. The manufactured fasteners are processed from different types of tests that attach to every production line. The tests are chemical analysis, axial tensile test, intergranular corrosion test, radiographic test, flexure test, positive material test, proof load test, mechanical test, and drop weight test. Other tests are pitting corrosion test wedge tensile strength, creep test, fatigue test, ultrasonic test, and more.

In order to supply damage free fasteners to the customers, we use a standard type of packing techniques such as wooden crates, cartons, pallets, and boxes. Also, these are supported with plastic caps and covered with oxidation resistance sheet.

What is the difference between Copper Nickel 90/10 and 70/30 fasteners?

Copper Nickel 90/10 and 70/30 fasteners offer boatbuilders a choice when searching for the best way to construct their vessel. The first number in the alloy designation (90 or 70) indicates the percentage of nickel included; thus, Copper Nickel 90/10 has more nickel included in its production than Copper Nickel 70/30. Both alloys possess excellent corrosion resistance, especially with respect to saltwater; depending on one's needs, it may be preferable to invest in the 90/10 variant, as it is a higher quality material that offers superior strength thanks to its higher tensile strength and ductility ratings when compared to its 70/30 counterpart. Ultimately, selecting between these two alloys depends on how much protection one wants from saltwater environments and the amount of wear and tear on the vessel over time.

Is 70/30 copper nickel better than stainless steel?

70/30 copper nickel alloy has an higher resistance against corrosion. It can last much longer than stainless steel in many marine environments - making it the ideal solution for areas prone to saltwater exposure. Despite being a more expensive option initially, this metal can be more cost-effective over the long run since it requires less maintenance and replacement than stainless steel would in such circumstances. Therefore, those looking for a durable material should consider 70/30 copper nickel alloy over stainless steel for enhanced protection against corrosion.


Standard : DIN, ASTM, BS and all International Standards

Size : 3 mm to 200 mm

Bolt / Screw Size : M3 - M56 | 3/6" to 2" | Custom Sizes

Nuts Size : M3 - M56 | 3/6" to 2" | Custom Sizes

Washers Size : M1 - M64 | #4 to 3" | Custom Sizes

Length : M02 to M33

Types : Nuts, Bolts, Screws, Sockets, Studs, Screw, Hex Set Screw, Socket Screw, Cap Screw, Pan Head Screw, Machine Screw, Socket Head Cap Screw, Allen Cap screw, Wing Screw, Washers, Spring Washers, Studs, Anchors, Marine Anchors, Nut, Hexagon Nut, Hex Nut, Hex Coupling Nut, Hex Domed Cap Nuts, Square Nut, Stud Bolts, Hex Head Bolts, Socket Hexagon Head Screw Anchor Bolt, U-Bolts, J Bolts, Mushroom Head Square Neck Bolts, T-Head Bolts, Wing Screw, Eye Bolt, Foundation Bolts, Structural Bolts.

Cupro Nickel 70/30 Fasteners Equivalent Grades

Cupro Nickel 70/30 2.0882 C71500

CuNi 70/30 Fastener Chemical Composition

Grade Cu Mn Pb Ni Fe Zn
Cupro Nickel 70/30 65 min 1.0 max 0.05 max 29-33 max 0.4-1.0 max 1 max

COpper Nickel 70/30 Fasteners Mechanical Properties

Element Density Melting Point Tensile Strength Yield Strength (0.2%Offset) Elongation
Cupro Nickel 70/30 0.323 lb/in3 at 68 F 2260 F 50000 psi 20000 psi 30 %

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